Earn money by referring a home

A new quick and easy earning opportunity

here is the program

"Earn with properties for sale"

Really a simple real estate report

can it make me earn thousands of euros?

We are all living in a particular moment: the crisis has affected many sectors.

Many people are in difficulty and have even lost their jobs and are looking for a new opportunity.

Other people are in difficulty and perhaps simply need an extra income to complement their work.

To help solve these problems, I created this collaborative program capable of:


Let you earn money simply by reporting a property to me

that an acquaintance, friend or relative of yours wants to sell.

This opportunity is a program that aims to create a "network of recommenders" who will be able to help me find new properties for sale in the city of Naples and its province, although I will also be able to evaluate all the reports in other cities and provinces having no limits of areas, being able to sell properties anywhere through an innovative collaboration system which I benefit from, thanks to a real estate platform of agents and agencies who collaborate with each other throughout Italy.

How does it work?

If you know someone who needs to sell a house (relatives, friends, colleagues, simple acquaintances..) all you have to do is get in touch by introducing myself to him or her and I will do all the necessary work.

I will personally speak to this person you recommended me to and I will explain how I work and what I will do to sell her property.

The final choice will obviously always be the owner's; if he decides that I am the right professional to entrust the sale of his property to, in this case an agreement will certainly be found through an exclusive sales assignment and I will take care of the sale of his property.

Once the sale has taken place and the transfer of ownership has been signed by the notary, once the commissions agreed by the owner that you reported to me have been collected, you will then receive a bonus of 500 euros.


Is the acquired bonus "loaded" onto the commission price?

Absolutely, the bonus is not loaded onto the price of the commission, the commission is always the same for everyone and from this, the bonus amount is shared with the person who made the report!

So, if it is a dear relative or friend of yours, don't worry, there will be no surcharge due to your recommendation, simply, I will earn less.

When will the acquired bonus be delivered to me?

The bonus is delivered as already anticipated above as soon as the house is sold with the transfer of ownership, notarial deed.


What type of properties can I report?

I mainly prefer apartments, even if I deal with buying and selling of any type (offices, shops, ruins, warehouses, laboratories..), each case can then be evaluated and possibly admitted to the program.


Which areas fall under this opportunity?

The program is aimed exclusively at the city of Naples and its province, but as already reiterated, properties can be evaluated wherever there is a real possibility of sale by evaluating and analyzing the situation on a case-by-case basis.

Does this program also apply to rentals?

No, this does not apply to rentals; rents are not included in this program, but we can evaluate the situation and we can still agree with other forms of collaboration, naturally with different bonuses, to be calculated individually on a case-by-case basis. Of course, we will not lose an earning opportunity if a rental notification arises.

What if I had a friend, a relative who needed to buy a house?

Unfortunately, the customer who is looking for a home is not included in the program, unless he has to carry out both operations and therefore needs a free evaluation for the sale of his property, which may perhaps be indispensable for the purchase of his new home.

If I don't know anyone selling a house, how can I find other people for your program?

You can work and use the ancient method of word of mouth.

My "Earn with properties for sale" program also accepts this type of referrals, as long as they are selected, profiled, that is, the person I am going to meet has been informed that an agency will visit them to offer their services and work with an exclusive assignment.

For example, if I found an owner

with 10 properties for sale

how much would you pay me?

The answer is easy: €500 × 10 = €5,000!
The conclusion is always the same, and that is that to mature the report the house, the houses in this situation, must first be sold.

Buildings under construction are also eligible for the program, in this case, all properties sold will be paid, without exception!

If I had a relative, a friend who is selling a property

with another agency

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